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03 September
10% discount for purchasing the Sarajishvili factory tour or when visiting the Cigar Room!

The history of the Georgian wine brand production began at the Sarajishvili factory…

Today, this location functions as a historic museum, as well. Parks with pleasant scents and ancient storages will make you forget the present and take you back to the era, when the Georgian wine brand production was taking its first steps.

If you wish to find yourself at this wonderful location, enjoy a 10% discount and
• Purchase the tour to view the Sarajishvili factory
• Visit the Cigar Room, a beautiful, thematically dressed stone paneled, 140 m2 space for business, friendly meetings and/or dinners.

Times: Monday-Sunday: 10:00 – 20:00
Duration: 60-90 min.
The tour fee includes Georgian sweets.

The fee is depended on the amount of guests and the visiting time.

The offer is valid until 22 August 2019.

For more details, contact us at:
Address: Sarajishvili Ave. N4
Phone: (0 32) 2 55 44 44
Mob: 577 11 88 12; 599 21 73 00
E-mail: info@sarajishvili.ge
Website: www.sarajishvili.com


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