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01 September
An exclusive offer for SOLO clients from “Namu”

Taste “Namu’s” dishes and in case of a bill over 100 GEL, only SOLO clients will have a 10% discount.

Order right away and dishes chosen by you will be delivered at location by a company representative.

“Namu” is a raw, vegan cuisine, where meals are prepared only by Himalaya or Sea salt, and they do not use table salt, sugar, wheat and refined oil. At “Namu” products are prepared at maximum 46 degrees, which is exactly the limit over which the enzymes deconstruct and lose beneficial traits, which is frequently disregarded by others.

“Namu” woks towards multiple directions:
Juices for cleansing the organism – the program offers clients fresh fruit and vegetable juices;
The Dinner Club – the “Namu” house turns into a restaurant in specific days and hosts guests;
Delivery Service – products are available for ordering and delivering at specific locations;
Detox-relaxations – programs are offered for rehabilitation and fitness outgoing events, which are announced in advance.
The Offer is valid till June 1, 2019


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