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14 June
Krtsanisi Residence by Ubique

Why should you buy an apartment in UBIQUE?

The residential complex is located in the diplomatic district of Tbilisi in an ecologically clean and green environment, just 5 minutes’ drive from the old town's cultural center. "Krtsanisi Residence" project is designed for those who prefer a modern, cosmopolitan style of life and at the same time do not want to be far from urban spaces.

UBIQUE offers you, as a SOLO customer:

- A special 9% discount off an apartment of your choice; and
- A complimentary six-month home and contents insurance package from Aldagi!

In addition, you will also enjoy special conditions:

- If you pay in cash, you will get a 9% discount;
- If you pay with a mortgage loan, you will benefit from a 6% discount and also see 3% (9-6 = 3) slashed from your interest rate!

Offer valid until May 1, 2018.

Address: Krtsanisi str. №49
Tel.: (0 32) 2 05 20 02
Cell Phone: 551 26 33 33; 551 29 33 33

In case of interest, please contact your SOLO banker or SOLO alternative sales manager − Giorgi Tsagareishvili.

Cell number: 599 630 727
E-mail: giorgitsagareishvili@solo.ge


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