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12 September
Italy Wine Tour

SOLO exclusively offers you a tour in a historically and culturally diverse country of Europe - Italy!

Throughout your Italian tour, you will enjoy a unique opportunity:

To visit some of the sights of Italy, including Florence and Philine Waldarno Chateau;  
To taste 4 types of wine; 
To attend the rugby match between Georgia and Italy; 
To attend an Italian chef master class, etc. 

During the trip you will personally meet and get acquainted with the well-known and beloved photographer -Badri Vadachkoria, who will be capturing an unforgettable experience of the entire Italian tour. 

Most importantly!

You can travel in Italy together with your family member or friend and share all the unforgettable impressions with them.

And that's not all

Italy, a country of unparalleled contrasts, is a continuous synthesis of the past and future. It also incorporates the treasures of an ancient art; In Italy, you will find the ancient Greek and Roman ruins, Baroque and Renaissance architecture and other bases of human civilization.

Take advantage and discover Italian uniqueness with SOLO!

Details of Italy Tour

Price: 1 170 EUR*
Price includes airline tickets, internal (local) transportation and food.
For detailed information please contact your SOLO banker. 

*Price is valid until September 29, in order to find new price please contact to your private banker after 29th of September.

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